Digital certificates

Digital certificates are used by many services to secure the data that flows between systems. It you are accessing any of the services in the Physics Department that can be secured in this way then you will want to download and install a certificate. Unless you have the correct and uptodate certificates installed you may receive warning messages and/or delays every time you try to connect to one of these services. Secure services include:

  • Secure web servers (web addresses starting https: rather than http:) including web access to Exchange.
  • Secure IMAP (for email clients to receive email via encrypted communication).
  • Secure SMTP (for email clients to send email via encrypted communication).

Physics Department Certificates

Most of the centrally managed services have certificates that are signed by a single 'root' certificate. If you download and install this certificate then you are automatically agreeing to trust any certificate the IT staff create for use in the department. Windows systems that are part of the Physics domain automatically install this certificate, so only those with standalone laptops, home systems or self-managed desktops need take any action.

To install the physics root certificate, download the zip file from the following link. On a Windows system, open the zip file using WinZip, PowerArchiver or some similar application and extract the certificate files. Install the certificate by right clicking on the extracted '' file and selecting 'Install certificate'. On other platforms, certificates are usually installed by using a web browser and looking for the appropriate section within its 'options', 'settings' or 'preferences'.

Download root certificate for (zip file containing the certificate in multiple formats).

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