Blog posts on Physics website

Under this section of Physics website you can find all the blogs that have been set up for Physics users. Users with a valid Physics account may contribute to these blogs.

Please email if you would like to add a new blog post to an existing blog or if you would like to set up a new blog.

Add a new blog post

Once you have been granted editorial permission to one of an existing blog on Physics website you can start contributing to it:

  1. Log in to
  2. Under My ContentMy Section please click on the title of the blog to which you have editorial access.
  3. My Section page opens: you can see all the posts that have been created, you can edit existing posts (click edit link next to the blog post’s title) as well as add new one.
  4. To add a new blog post from the Create content menu (right side of the My Section page) click on the Create new Blog entry link
  5. Create Blog entry web form opens which you use to add content for the new post, please provide content for your post using form fields:
    • Title - this is required field
    • Body (please do not use Edit summary field is not supported so just use Body field): you can format text entered into this field for detailed information see this page [/it-services/central-physics-website/formatting-content]
    • It is good to add image for the blog post – this image is used on the pages listing blog posts as well as on the post’s page
    • Blog category: use this field to add your blog post to existing categories (start typing word and select from existing list of categories) or create your own category. This is comma separated list of categories so blog post can be assigned to multiple categories.
    • File attachments: if there is a need to add file attachment to the blog post (e.g. PDF document) please use this field. This page provides detailed information about file attachments (read under Attachments heading)
  6. To save a draft of your post click the Save buttonthis saves your content but does not publish it at the same time so you can amend it as many times as you wish (users would not be able to read/see it). If you are ready to publish your blog post click publish button (if you do not see this option you may need to switch from Edit (web form) to View mode) - Now your blog post is accessible and people can find and read it.

Amend an existing blog post

You can amend only blog posts that belong to a blog to which you have been granted editorial permission. There are two ways you can get to the web form to edit an existing blog post (please log in to Physics website first):

  1. My ContentMy Section → click title of the blog, and from the My Section page click edit link next to the blog post title you wish to edit
  2. Browse to the blog post page you want to edit (make sure you are logged in), and click Edit tab to start amending

After amending existing post you need to click the Save buttonit saves your latest changes as a new draft and this is not visible to users (they can see only the latest publish version of the blog post). To make your new draft visible click publish button (switch from Edit to View tab if you cannot see it).

Please check this page for more information about editing content on the Physics website or email with you question.

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