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How user home directories are setup on Apple desktop systems running macOS High Sierra or later

The Apple desktop systems in the Physics Department running macOS Sierra 10.12.5 or previous are setup with network mounted user home directories. This means that when you login your home directory gets mounted from the Apple file server in /home/username. This is allows you to have the same files and settings on any Apple desktop system.

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Scientific data analysis and visualisation.

Scientific data analysis and visualisation.

The information provided here is intended to be for use by anybody working in the Physics Department.

We have an unlimited site licence for QtiPlot on Mac and Linux.

Use Self Service to install software without privileges.

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How To get signed certificate for your Apple Applications and Installers.


The Department of Physics does not hold a Apple Developer account to get signed certificates for Apple MacOS and iOS applications. This is because Oxford University IT Services purchased Developer Accounts with a signing identities for the University of Oxford when they became available several years ago.

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A description of how to backup and restore your Apple Macintosh system to the Physics Time Machine server


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A description of how to setup FileVault disk encryption for OS X systems

When portable devices are lost or stolen, the data stored on them is easily read unless the disks are hardware encrypted. Almost all portable devices will contain some confidential data e.g. letters, spreadsheets and emails that have been read and cached on the device. We have therefore developed a simple way for you to switch on encryption via the Physics Self-Service system.

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Using MacPorts's Python instead of the system copy

OBSOLETE: This document describes how to use MacPorts's Python libraries, and to install other packages into your own library directory, without using a virtual-Python setup. This is obsoleted by:

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Anti-virus software installation

Sophos 10.3 for Windows can be downloaded from here.

Remove any previous installations of Sophos or any other anti virus programmes, reboot the system.

Log into the system with administrative privileges.

  1. Execute the Sophos installer downloaded from the Physics web site, Click install
  2. Click next to continue installation
  3. Accept the license agreement, Click next
  4. Click next to accept the default installation location

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Description of how to upgrade your Apple OS X Laptop System to the latest version of OS X.

OS X Laptop Upgrades

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Information on how to purchase software from the Apple Apps Store

If you wish to make any purchases from the Apple App Store for either OS X (Apple Computers) or iOS (iPad or iPhone) please contact IT Support with your Apple ID account name and the budget code the purchase can be charged to and the software you wish to purchase and we will make the software available to you.

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Description of how to upgrade your Apple OS X Desktop System to the latest version of OS X.

OS X Desktop Upgrades

If you wish to upgrade your Apple desktop system to the latest version of OS X then you can do so yourself via the Self Service application in the /Applications folder. Once the upgrade is installed the system will reboot and complete the installation.

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