Self-Service under OS X

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The Self-Service Application allows you to update or install preconfigured software onto your Apple Macintosh system without the need for full administrative access to the system.

Self-Service is located in the Applications folder once you have launched it, you should see something like this:

Other software can be found by choosing other sections in the Categories pane on the right, to the left of the window are links to important webpages on the Physics IT Services website.

To install an item, click on its Install bar. For extra information, click instead on the small letter i at the Install bar's right-hand end:

If there is important information for you to read before proceeding it will now be displayed to you.

Example: Running Apple Software Update

To run Apple Software Update on the front page or in the Utilities category click on the Update bar next to the Apple Software Update icon and read the instructions and when ready click on the Update bar again

The system will then install any available Apple Software Updates for the system and a message will let you know if you need to restart the system.

Caveats and Warnings

Please note:

  • Self-Service will only work for systems which are on-site, or via a VPN connection.

  • Some software suites take half an hour or more to install, even for systems with a ethernet connection. If your system is a laptop which is off-site or connected by WiFi, the installation time will be a lot longer.

  • Not all Self Service items are available over a VPN or WiFi connection, if the Self Service item isn't available then connect your system to the wired network and either wait 15 minutes or run on of the other items and try it again.

  • Don't assume that software is only obtainable via Self-Service. If you don't see something you require, it may already be on your system or available to install via the Apple Apps Store.

  • Newly-built systems will have the latest available known-working versions of the standard software on them. Don't assume that, just because a suite (eg MatLab) is present in Self-Service, that your system's copy is missing or out-of-date: it's there for those with older builds installed on their system.

  • If the software of your heart's desire truly is missing from Self-Service, or is present but out-of-date, please contact IT Support at the usual e-mail address, or use the Comments dialogue at the foot of this page.

If Self Service isn't available on your University owned Apple system

If you have a university owned Apple system and you would enable Self Service along side your existing setup please email and we can take a look at your existing setup and enable the Self Service system.

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