Self Service for MacOS


The Self-Service Application allows you to update or install preconfigured software onto your Apple Macintosh system .

Self-Service is located in the Applications folder. Software can be found in the Categories section on the left hand side of the application or using the Search box in the top left had corner.


To install an item, click on its Install button. For extra information, click on the icon for the application.

If there is important information for you to read before proceeding it will be displayed to you.

What if the software I need isn't in Self Service?

If the software that you wish to install isn't available via Self Service then email IT Support with installation instructions for the software and we will make it available.

All Apple Macintosh systems are able to install software from the Apple Apps Store if you sign in with your Apple ID account. If you need to purchase software from the Apple Apps Store then contact IT Support.

If you wish to build your own software and libraries then you can in your /Data directory.

If Self Service isn't available on your University owned Apple system

If you have a university owned Apple system and you would enable Self Service along side your existing setup please email and we can take a look at your existing setup and enable the Self Service system.

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