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Adobe Acrobat
Adding Printers in OS X
How to add printers in OS X
Adding Printers: optional features
Configuration settings to make full use of Centrally-maintained printers
Apple App Store Purchases for OS X and iOS
Information on how to purchase software from the Apple Apps Store
Apple Screen Sharing Servers
How to access Apple Screen Sharing Servers to give yourself a Apple desktop screen session
Applications Setup
How to Activate certain programs and suites at the command line
Astrophysics Apple Desktop Backups
A description of the backup system for Astrophysics Apple Desktops
Astrophysics Apple Desktop System
A brief introduction to Astrophysics desktop Macs
Astrophysics Apple Developers' Page
A brief overview of Astrophysics developer information
Astrophysics Apple Laptops backups
a description of the backup facilities for Astrophysics Apple laptops
Astrophysics: AstrOmatic
The AstrOmatic suite
Astrophysics: Available Software
Software available on the MacOS X systems in Astrophysics
Astrophysics: Available Software: Overview
Overview, and listing, of software available to members of Astrophysics
Astrophysics: Available Software: Wrapper scripts
Stuff put in /Local/bin by Applications Setup
Astrophysics: Libraries
Software libraries available on Astrophysics OS X systems
Astrophysics: MacOS X development tools
Software development tools on Astrophysics MacOS X systems
Astrophysics: MacPorts
MacPorts programs and libraries on Astrophysics MacOS X systems
Astrophysics: minor tools
Minor applications and command-line programs available under MacOS X in Astrophysics
Design software.
Software from Autodesk
Backups in Astrophysics: A History
A description of the history of the backups systems in Astrophysics
Care and Feeding of Shells
How to not blow your command interpreter out of the water before it starts
Central SSH Access
Connecting to a Linux/OS X computer inside the department via an SSH gateway
Connecting to Physics file servers from OS X
How to connect to file servers from OS X
Data acquisition and control.
Dropbox on Macs
How to install Dropbox
Editors available in Astrophysics
Editors available on Astrophysics MacOS X systems
Email in OS X
Instructions for configuring various Mac email clients
Bibliographic package
How to type the '#' sign with a UK keyboard
Circumnavigating the mysteries of keyboard layouts under MacOS X
How to use rsync
Introduction to transferring files between systems
Interactive Data Language.
IDL Further Information
IDL Further Information
IDL in Astrophysics
IDL, as installed on Astro MacOS X systems
Vector graphics package.
Design and publishing package
Intel Compilers
Intel FORTRAN and C++ compilers, including Intel Math Kernel Library.
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers.
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers Installation Instructions
Intel Compilers from Physics Servers Installation Instructions
Intel Compilers from University Servers Installation Instructions
Intel Compilers from University Servers Installation Instructions
Initiating IRAF at the command line
Data acquisition and control, data analysis, and data presentation.
LabVIEW Components
LabVIEW components included in our site licence.
LabVIEW Further Information
LabVIEW Further Information
Mac Repairs
Getting your Mac repaired
Mathematica Further Information
Mathematica: further information.
Mathematica in Physics
Details of kits and licensing for Mathematica in the Physics Department.
Mathematica Kits
Details on how to obtain Mathematica kits.
Mathematica Support
Mathematica support details.
Mathematical computing environment
MATLAB Installation Instructions
MATLAB Installation Instructions
MATLAB Installation Instructions for 7.6 and later Mac Notes
MATLAB Installation Instructions for 7.6 and later Mac Notes
MATLAB Installation Instructions for Version 7.5 and before
MATLAB Installation Instructions for Version 7.5 and before
MATLAB Installation Notes for Version 7.6 and later
MATLAB Installation Notes for Version 7.6 and later
MATLAB Standalone Licences
Obtaining, installing and managing MATLAB standalone licences.
MS Office
Office applications.
Installing and using a personal build of MacPorts
NAG Serial Libraries and FORTRAN Compiler
NAG Further Information
NAG Further Information
Obtaining Kits on a Mac System
Instructions for Obtaining kits from the local kits server on a Mac system
Obtaining Software Kits from the Local Server
General instruction for obtaining kits from the local server.
OS X Desktop Upgrades
Description of how to upgrade your Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Desktop System to OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
Photo and bitmap graphics editor.
Portable Software
An introduction to the uses and coding practices of portable software
Power saving
Minimizing the Power Consumption of IT Equipment
Running PyRAF from SciSoft
Python and SciSoft under MacOS X 10.6 and later
How to use SciSoft's libraries and/or your own with Python
Remote Access in Theoretical Physics
How to remotely access the Theory IT Systems
Remote Access to Apple Desktops
how to remotely access your Apple desktop system
The SciSoft suite
Self Service
Easy installation of software.
Self-Service under OS X
The Self-Service facility under MacOS X
Anti-virus software
The Starlink collection
Theoretical Physics Apple Desktop System
An overview of the Theory Apple Desktop Systems
Using screen
Interactive background processing
VPN Access in OS X
How to setup VPN access in OS X
What version is this software?
Suggestions on discovering which version of some software you're using
Where has g77 gone to?
.... and why you probably don't need it (or libg2c) after all
ZIP File E-Mail Attachments
Handling ZIP file e-mail attachments

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