VPN Access in OS X

Instructions for setting up a VPN connection to the Physics network Using OS X 10.5 Leopard or later.

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on Network
  3. Click on the + sign near the bottom left corner of the window you've just clicked on
  4. Click on the up/down arrow bit on the right of the "Interfaces" menu item and click on "VPN" (in lower half of options)
  5. A menu item called "VPN Type" will appear - set this to "PPTP"
  6. Give it an appropriate name you'd like to use e.g. "Oxford Physics VPN"
  7. Click "Create"
  8. For server address, put vpn.physics.ox.ac.uk
  9. For Account name, put Physics\username (replacing username with your central physics username)
  10. Click "Advanced" (towards lower-right corner)
  11. Ensure that under "Session Options" that you have selected "Send all traffic over VPN connection"; click "OK"
  12. To test this out when you are external to the departmental network, click the "Connect" button

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