Symmetry in Condensed Matter Physics

Symmetry in Condensed Matter Physics - Course material

Part 1:

Theory of groups and their representations (Paolo G. Radaelli)

Part 2:

Molecular vibrations and selection rules, rotational symmetry of spin and orbital states, crystal field effects, translational symmetry and electron/phonon dispersion relations (Radu Coldea)

Lecture 1-8 Lecture Notes

Lecture Slides

Problem Sheets

Point-Group Character Tables

Additional material

Suggested readings

  • M.S. Dresselhaus, G. Dresselhaus and A. Jorio, Group Theory - Application to the Physics of Condensed Matter, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2008).
  • V. Heine, Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics, Dover (2007)
  • F.J. Nye, Physical Properties of Crystals, Oxford Science Publications, Oxford University Press (1957)