Using the SharpHold Print queue

The SharpHold queue is a special queue that will hold your jobs until you walk up to one of the Sharp devices and log in. It may be useful for confidential documents or large amounts of printing.
A job sent to this queue can be released at any of the Sharp printers in the Department.

Steps for using this queue

  1. Add the SharpHold queue as you would add any of the print queues for Sharp devices.
  2. Send a print job from your application of choice.
  3. Go to any of the Sharp devices and login as normal with your ID number.
  4. You will now be given the extra on-screen option of "Print Selection (n Jobs)" or "Print All".
  5. Select "Print all" to release all of your jobs immediately or press "Print selection" and select the jobs you wish to release now.
  6. Press Print. Your jobs will now be released

Note: If you have a self-managed system you may have to take a little more care setting up the connection to the SHARPHOLD queue as it is essential that you are properly identified to the print system.

All instructions for setuping up connections to printers are available as below.

Apple Mac OS X

N.B. You cannot see or release jobs for other users.

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