Service and Troubleshooting Information

Model: MX-5500N

Location: Clarendon Martin Wood Foyer .

Machine Identification Number (MIN): 8020911266 .

Consumable codes:
Cyan toner: MX-70GTCA
Magenta toner: MX-70GTMA
Yellow toner: MX-70GTYA
Black toner: MX-70GTBA
Waste container: MX-700HB

Contact IT Support for any faults which cannot easily be cleared.
The Sharp operations centre is not open outside normal working hours.
Use one of the other Sharp devices if you have urgent work when a problem occurs.

Only in exceptional circumstances should anyone not in IT Support call the Sharp operations centre.

Sharp operations centre: Telephone 0800-138-1436
Hours 0830 - 1730 (normal working days only)

You will be asked to provide:

  1. MIN .
  2. Your name .
  3. Your contact telephone number .
  4. Description of the problem: give a clear description with any error codes or messages appearing on the device's console.
  5. Remember to ask for a call reference number if not offered.

If not in IT Support send the details to IT Support .

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