Origin Installation Instructions

Origin Installation Notes .

Make sure that you have performed the preceding steps of the Origin Quick Installation Summary before proceeding with this.

You may do the following when installing Origin. Note that details may differ with different versions of Origin and system conditions.

Ensure that you save the details of the serial number and licence server information to separate files on a local disk before starting the installation.

Copy the complete Origin kit from the server into a directory on a local disk e.g. TempInstall .

Run the Originxxxx.exe installer program.

Accept the licence conditions.

Enter the appropriate serial number.

Install everything; accept all the default values and install for all users.

[ You may wish to locate the User Files Folder on your H: drive as the default location is in your profile (Application Data or My Documents). This is especially important if you set up Origin scripts and make extensive use of personalised graphical features. ]

Check that Origin is working by going to Start -> Programs -> OriginLab -> Origin xxx -> etc...

The licence information for either the network or home-use version is entered the first time Origin is run.

For the network licence enter the server name and port number.

For the home-use licence select Get a licence file now. Origin generates a unique id for your system and then directs you to an Origin Web page on which you must register some details to obtain an Origin user id: you must use your Physics e-mail address when registering. After you have registered login with your user id to obtain details of your standalone licence file.

The network licence will continue to run indefinitely from the licence server. The home-use licence will have to be renewed (i.e. re-registered) at the end of the time period.

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