Moving your email to Nexus

For most users, the routing of email will be changed automatically as part of the migration to nexus which is expected to occur during early summer of 2018. However, it is perfectly possible to handle all or some of the process yourself and this may be useful if the timescale is inconvenient for you.

Here are the steps involved

1) Check that you can connect to your nexus mailbox. This should already exist (and probably be empty) and instructions for setting up various clients etc are available in the nexus FAQ.

2) Unless you intend to move the content yourself, you will need to grant full access to your mailbox to Ian Mcarthur (SSO=dpmp0010). To grant full access, go to the nexus guidelines for delegation web page and follow the instructions for full access in section 2.1. Once IT services have confirmed that this has been actioned please put in a move request to IT support will confirm that existing content has been transferred and you should check that you have can open your nexus mailbox and read it ok.

3) At this point all new emails will still be delivered to the physics server, so the next step is to change the routing. Check your mail routing by going to the self registration - nexus mailbox settings page and selecting `Email forwarding address settings`. Remove the forward to the physics exchange server which will typically have an address of the form

4) Let know that you have removed the forward and they will complete the migration by setting up a forward on the physics exchange server (to deal with emails from other physics exchange users) and then performing a final export of content from your physics mailbox so that emails that arrive during the migration process are properly copied to nexus.

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