Finding the DAQ server name

If possible you should always use a pathname which is independent of the name of the underlying server. However, sometimes that is not possible owing to the available features of your operating system or your system's physical or logical location.

To find the name of your underlying data storage server you can do the following:

(1) Login to a standard Physics Windows desktop system or a terminal server such as termserv.
(.) (Anyone with a Physics username can login to a terminal server.)
(2)Navigate to the location of your group's DAQ folder on the Y: drive e.g. Y:\DAQ\Atomic & Laser\MyGroup.
(3) Right-click on your group's folder.
(4) Select "Properties".
(5) Select "DFS"
(6) You will then see the name of the server and the location of your group's folder on the server.
(.) (For example: \\\ALDAQ\MyGroup .)

At the moment there is one server for Atomic and Laser Physics (ALDAQ1) and three servers for Condensed Matter Physics (CMDAQ1, CMDAQ2, CMDAQ3). This simply reflects the amount of data being stored and the requirements of the backing-up services.

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