Vector graphics package.

Use Self Service to install software without privileges.

CorelDRAW may only be used on Departmental systems and home systems of University staff.

A CorelDRAW licence is needed and requires authentication with your Physics-wide network account.

Platform: Windows



  • Pick - Selecting and editing objects.
  • Shape - Reshaping objects.
  • Zoom - Changing the viewing window.
  • Freehand - Drawing lines, curves, and PowerLines. Flyout gives you access to the Bezier tool.
  • Dimensions - Adding dimension lines. (This is on the Freehand Flyout in CorelDRAW 7).
  • Rectangle - Drawing rectangles and squares.
  • Ellipse - Drawing ellipses and circles.
  • Polygon - Drawing multiple-sided shapes. Flyout gives you access to the Spiral and Graph Paper tools.
  • Text - Adding Artistic text. Flyout gives you access to the Paragraph text tool
  • Interactive Fill (CorelDRAW 7+) - Applying fills directly using Property Bar toolbar. (Use the Fill Roll-up in CorelDRAW 6).
  • Interactive Transparency (CorelDRAW 7+) - Applying Uniform, Fountain, Pattern, and Texture transparencies to objects. (Use Transparent Lens in CorelDRAW 6).
  • Interactive Blend (CorelDRAW 7+) - Blends two objects using Direct Blend, Clockwise Blend and Counterclockwise Blend. (Use Blend on Effects menu in CorelDRAW 6).
  • Outline - Setting outline attributes, line widths and colours.
  • Fill - Setting fill attributes, colours, tiling etc.

To change the page setup:

Select Page setup from the Layout menu. Choose the page size from the Paper combo box, click on either Portrait or Landscape to change the page orientation. To change the units of measurement click on the combo box under the Paper combo box and change units.

CorelDRAW 7+: The Property Bar toolbar can also be used to change the page setup. The buttons from left to right - Page size (Standard sizes), Custom page size, Page orientation, Units, Nudge Offset (when moving objects with arrow buttons), Duplicate Distance (distance offset when duplicating or cloning objects), Snap to Grid, Snap to guidelines, Snap to objects, Draw Objects when moving or transforming, Treat as filled, Options. Click on the Page to view the Property Bar toolbar.

Grid and guidelines:

The grid can be set up by clicking on Grid and ruler setup in the Layout menu. To place guidelines move cursor to the horizontal or vertical ruler press down the left mouse button and drag to position. To clear guidelines double click on a guideline and select guidelines to clear.

CorelDRAW 7+: The Snap to Grid, Snap to guidelines and Snap to objects options are all available on the Property Bar toolbar.


Roll-ups are menus that can be placed in the working area and rolled-up until needed. The Attributes roll-up can be used to change the thickness, colour and style of lines, and add special fills, it can be opened from the Outline or Fill tools. The Transform roll-up can be used to change the position, rotate, scale and mirror, size and skew selected objects, it can be found on the toolbar. The Align and distribute roll-up can be used to align objects to each other, the grid or the centre of the page, it can be found on the toolbar. Align and distribute can also distribute the objects to the extents of the group or the extents of the page. The Color roll-up can be used to change the colour of the fill or the outline, it can be opened from the Fill tool. The View Manager roll-up can be used to zoom in, zoom out, view objects, view whole page, or move the viewing area, it can be opened from the Tools menu.

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