Central ssh Access from Windows

Central ssh Access from Windows

Access to linux machines within the Department must be done via the bastion server which is available for external access.

We recommend you use the Putty program to access linux machines from Windows. It will be installed on Department provided Windows computers or you can install it from self-service or from here: https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/.

For copying files we recommend the WinSCP program which is also installed on Physics Windows systems or from https://winscp.net.

How to access via the bastion server

From Putty version 0.77 allows the setup of an ssh proxy using bastion.physics.ox.ac.uk. Please see the picture below:


(In the main session window you put the computer you want to access within Physics)

Copying files via the bastion server

The bastion server only has small home directories which are regularly emptied. Please do not use it to store your files. You can transfer files directly to a computer inside Physics using WinSCP. To do this when making a connection please select the advanced features as follows:


Again in the main connection window you specify the computer inside Physics you wish to connect to

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