Full show video

This is a video of the whole Accelerate! show from a performance as part of the Oxford University Christmas Lectures in 2011. It includes all the demonstrations referred to in the toolkit, and is really useful to get an initial idea of how the show fits together, or later on if you’re trying to learn the show to present it yourself.

This obviously isn’t the only way to do it…apart from anything else, as with anything live, some bits worked better than others on the day! Plus we’d encourage you to put your own personal spin on this, depending on your expertise (or your sense of humour!), and we’ve also done versions of Accelerate! pared right down to twenty minutes, so this isn’t even the only length of show you could go for.

You might want to take a look at the sample scripts, or even dive straight into the individual demos.

You can also view the full video on the Oxford University Podcasts site, or via iTunes U.