We’re hoping that Accelerate! and the ideas in it will spread far and wide, and consequently we’ve produced a toolkit which should allow you to do anything from your own feature-length version of the show to giving classroom demonstrations an accelerator physics twist.

Through a series of videos, printable cheatsheets and web pages, you can learn about how to do the demonstrations, the science behind them, and how they connect to particle physics. The show is based around a series of demonstrations, and so the toolkit is built around them too: there’s a page for each demonstration with an accompanying video and resources. There are also some resource sheets with more general background information about the science in the show, and further science you or your audience might want to learn more about.

The resources are aimed at people putting on the show, so many readers will have at least a physics background (possibly up to a PhD), and include instructions aimed purely at the presenter rather than the audience. They actually contain rather more background than you’d want to put across in one Accelerate! show. However, they’ve also been written as simply as possible, thereby offering a possible way to explain the phenomena behind them when you are presenting the show. Hopefully this is useful and not phenomenally patronising! If you’ve got an opinion either way, we’d be really interested to hear it.

In fact, the whole resource pack is experimental, so if you have any thoughts on what works or what doesn’t, please do get in touch. We’re also really keen to know where else the show is being put on, so do let us know if you’re thinking of launching it and we can add you to our see the show page!

Please also be aware of safety if you’re looking to perform any of these demonstrations: we’ve tried to provide some pointers for potential hazards in the resource pack, but please consult our safety page and carry out a thorough risk assessment if you’re doing any of them yourself.

All the materials which we’ve produced are released under a Creative Commons Attribution–Non-commercial–Share-alike license. In short, this means that if you want to use the show, aren’t making any money from it, give us credit, and are happy to release anything you produce under a similarly permissive license, that’s great! The show itself is also absolutely free for non-commercial use. If you have a query about commercial licensing, please get in touch.