If you want to use the Accelerate! style for your version of the show, the following files should help you to do so. Accelerate! is released under a Creative Commons Attribution–Non-commercial–Share-alike license; read more about it on the licence page.

The name

As you will have noticed from its repeated use on this page, Accelerate! should always be followed by an exclamation mark, even in the middle of a sentence, and where possible it should be typeset in italics. Ending a sentence with it should be avoided.

Accelerate! logo

The logo is available for download in various formats. If your software supports them, vector formats are preferred because they will look smooth at any size. Raster formats are provided in case it doesn't.

Vector formats

  • Normal arrow
    [**]Adobe Illustrator
  • Extra-long arrow
    [**]Adobe Illustrator

Raster formats

Accelerate! fonts

The Accelerate! logo is written in Santa Fe LET, which came free on older Macs. The body font is Gill Sans, which is sometimes called Gill Sans MT on Windows systems, and is widely available. For the cheatsheets, the titles are in the light weight of Gill Sans Pro. URLs in the brochure are set in OCR-A, which is widely available.

Accelerate! colours

The red and yellow in the Accelerate! logo are pure CMYK red and a slightly orange CMYK yellow.

R: 225 G: 0 B: 26
Hex: #E1001A
C: 0 M: 100% Y: 100% K: 0

R: 255 G: 220 B: 0
Hex: #FFDC00
C: 0 M: 10% Y: 100% K: 0

Sample brochure

This brochure comes in three forms: a customisable PDF (where the sub-heading on the front page and the venue and contact details on the back page can be filled in with details appropriate to your show), as an InDesign package containing the original brochure file and all the images used, and as a static PDF brochure which has been written generically so you could just use it straight off.

These are all intended for high-quality printing and are therefore large files.