All of the Accelerate! resources on this website are released under a Creative Commons Attribution–Non-commercial–Share-alike licence. As the name suggests, this means three things:

  • Attribution: if you do the show or make use of the materials, you must credit University of Oxford, STFC and SEPnet. A link to would also be appreciated.
  • Non-commercial: If you’re planning on using these resources or putting on the show in a way which will make you or anyone else money, you’ll need to contact us and get our explicit permission in order to do so.
  • Share-alike: You’re more than welcome to mash up, remix or otherwise make use of these resources any way you see fit, but you must release any derivative works under a similarly permissive license to this.

This should hopefully cover most cases and let most people do what they want with the resources: if you’re not sure, please get in touch.

Also, we’d love to hear if you’re using our resources for anything, especially if you’re putting on the show. Please let us know and we can add you to the see the show page!