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Overview of Exchange

Exchange 2010 provides all the elements of a messaging service in a single integrated solution:

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An introduction to the email system used in the physics department



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How to get your nexus mailbox to forward OOO messages

Physics users are currently split over two email systems, the Physics system and the IT services Nexus system. This is a temporary situation as we expect to be fully migrated to Nexus by the summer of 2018. During this transitional period there is a problem in that Out-Of-Office (OOO) messages relating to other nexus users (i.e. most of the University) are not forwarded on to users who are still on the physics email service. So users still on the Physics system may want to make the following adjustments as a short term workaround.

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The IT review reported in late 2014 and concluded that a number of changes should be made regarding Physics email. To this end, the Physics email server will be run down in favour of the equivalent campus system, NEXUS.

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Setting up an out of office message in Outlook

How to set up an out of office message in Outlook.

Outlook 2010: File -> Info -> Automatic Replies .

Outlook 2007: Tools -> Out of Office Assistant .

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Exporting mail from Outlook to a file

You can export all your mail to a file which can then be copied across the network to another institution or written on to a CD or DVD.

In Outlook 2010 you can do that by doing the following.

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Handling ZIP file e-mail attachments

If you receive a .zip file e-mail attachment you can unpack it with the unzip command (Linux/Mac) or with IZArc (Windows).

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How to forward all your e-mail.

If your mailbox is on the Campus Nexus system, you can setup email forwarding to another system (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) via the University Self-Registration service. If you have a Physics mailbox, click here to change your email forwarding details.

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How to view email headers

If you report problems with email delivery or anti-spam measures, IT support staff may ask you provide the full headers of the email so that they can better diagnose the problem. How to do this depends on which email client you are using as detailed on the OUCS web pages at

How to view the full headers of an email

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Setting up iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

iOS devices can synchronise Email, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders (to-do lists) with the Physics Exchange server. To set it up:

Go to Settings -> Mail -> Add Account

Enter your email, username and password when prompted. Also enter:


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