Particle physics

14 July 2015

CERN’s LHCb experiment observes exotic pentaquark particles

The LHCb experiment at CERN has reported the discovery of a class of particles known as pentaquarks which have eluded physicists’ searches for over 50 years. The collaboration has submitted a paper reporting these findings to the journal Physical Review Letters.


1 July 2015

Prof Chris Lintott awarded the IoP 2015 Kelvin Medal and Prize

Prof Chris Lintott has been awarded the Institute of Physics 2015 Kelvin Medal and Prize "For his major contributions to public engagement with science through conventional media (especially through television) and by leading citizen science projects through Zooniverse, opening a new chapter in the history of science by enabling hundreds of thousands of people to participate in the process of scientific discovery."

1 July 2015

Prof Amanda Cooper-Sarkar awarded the IoP 2015 Chadwick Medal and Prize

Professor Amanda Cooper-Sarkar has been awarded the Institute of Physics 2015 Chadwick Medal and Prize "For her study of deep inelastic scattering of leptons on nuclei which has revealed the internal structure of the proton."

Further details can be found here

28 May 2015

LHC Run 2 collisions seen by ATLAS

Congratulations to all of the ATLAS Oxford team involved in detecting, triggering, recording, and reconstructing the first collision events seen at the record-breaking energy of 13 TeV!

See more examples at the ATLAS Event Display web page.

Sir Martin Wood Prize Lecture

8 Jun 2015 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Somerville College
Margaret Thatcher Centre
Specialised / research interest

Effective field measurements and spin torque dynamics in magnetic nanostructures

For more information contact: 

Olivia Hawkes
Condensed Matter Physics
T: (01865) 272225

Accelerator and Particle Physics Education at A-Level: APPEAL 6

18 Jul 2015 - 9:30am to 5:00pm
A-level physics teachers

Cost: Free

A one-day conference at Oxford Physics to give A-level teachers an opportunity to learn about the phenomena and scientific challenges which connect astronomy, particle physics and the physics of particle accelerators.

This is the sixth APPEAL teachers’ conference exploring High Energy Physics and Accelerator Science. This year we link to "The International Year of Light".

For more information contact: 

55th Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture 2015

15 May 2015 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
General public (Age 14+)

Professor Charles Kane, Class of 1965 Endowed Term Chair & Professor of Physics, University of Pennsylvania will deliver the 55th Cherwell-Simon Lecture.

Topological Boundary Modes from Quantum Electronics to Classical Mechanics

For more information contact: 

Olivia Hawkes, Condensed Matter Physics
T: 01865 272225

26 March 2015

Oxford graduate student's supersymmetry search is LHC physics highlight

The first ever search for the supersymmetric partner of the charm quark, led by Oxford graduate student Will Kalderon, has been selected by the ATLAS experiment at CERN as one of its physics highlights of the first run of the LHC.

26 November 2014

Now you can look for Higgs boson siblings by eye!

Oxford physicists are asking online volunteers to spot tiny explosions that could be evidence for as-yet-unobserved relatives of the Higgs boson.

The Higgs Hunters project launched today enables members of the public to view 25,000 images recorded at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. By tagging the origins of tracks on these images, volunteers could spot tiny sub-atomic explosions caused when a Higgs boson ‘dies’, which would be evidence for a kind of particle new to physics.