Grid computing

Our Grid projects focus on the need to provide users with a simple and uniform
way to access highly distributed computing resources. Driven by the needs of
the next generation of experiments, the particle physics community have become
a driving force in this area and Oxford Physics is involved in many very
interesting areas of Grid development and deployment.

Oxford plays a strong part in the  UK's GridPP Project by being part of SouthGrid.
The local Grid cluster forms Oxford's contribution to the Tier 2 centre. The cluster is located at the Begbroke Science Park.

The cluster supports all the major LHC VOs (Virtual Organisations), and
many more which are part of the EGI project. The UK's contribution to this grid can
be monitored at the GSTAT web site.
This cluster is part of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid WLCG.

National Centres and projects in other departments are listed below.

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