Information for Students

The BA course includes an optional group industrial project. The aim of this project is for you to learn how your physics is used in an industrial context, and to gain experience of team working. In the second half of Hilary term you work on an individual write-up of your contributions, whilst continuing to meet regularly as a group.

The group industrial project requires you to solve a problem set by a collaborating company. You will be supervised by an industrial mentor who you will meet at the start of the project, and keep in regular contact with via email. You will also have an independent academic supervisor who is there to help with local issues and organisation of your project work.

The projects on offer this year are posted below. You will need to choose your three preferred projects and submit your choices by Monday week 2 here. We will allocate the projects and contact students in week 2 so that you are ready to get going as soon as possible. A face-to-face meeting with your supervisor, usually at the collaborating company (likely on Zoom in 2020!), will be arranged near the start of term.

You should all attend the introduction associated with this project in week 2, Tuesday 09:00. The slides from the introduction can be found here.

Please email Hannah Glanville if you have any questions.

The projects offered in 2020/2021 are:

Project number Title Company Industrial supervisor Info sheet
BA_001 Asteroid Deflection Techniques Airbus Caleb Goddard pdf
BA_002 Pulse Correlation Reflectometry AWE Callum Pryer pdf
BA_004 Simulating Magnetic Levitation Vehicles in MATLAB & Simulink MathWorks Dr Francesco Ciriello pdf
BA_005 Computational Linguistics: Understanding and Predicting Talent MeVitae Dr Riham Satti and Vivek Doraiswamy pdf
BA_006 Daylighting – light measurement & energy reduction SerraLux Dr Nicky Mernagh pdf

What do I gain from the project?

Some of the skills and rewards you could gain while working on the project include improving your self-confidence, time management, interpersonal and team working skills. You will also gain an awareness of what physicists working in industry do, plus maybe develop some useful contacts.

Will I get to choose my project?

You will get to rank the three projects that seem most interesting to you. Allocations are made on the basis of student choices, combined with the need to make sure that each group contains students from different colleges. Choices between two or more students for a group are normally taken randomly. Text written by students justifying their choice of project is not taken into account in decision making, but it is almost unknown for a student not to be allocated to one of their three choices.

How will I be assessed?

In two ways: there will be a group presentation during the projects, resulting in an over-all mark for the group. Most of the project marks are allocated for a report, detailing your individual contribution, that you will write at the end of the project.

BA project reports will be independently graded by two Assessors. One of these assessors is a Physics Finals Examiner, who will generally work in a different area of physics from the subject of the report or report. The other assessor is appointed by the relevant physics sub-departments, the Physics Department or less frequently from another department of the University.

For the most up-to-date examination information, please see the exam matters Canvas page.

Will I get marked for my individual contribution?

Yes, see above.

How much time should I be putting in to my project?

Approximately one day a week, on average, for the duration of the project.

What are the outputs of the project?

There are three outputs. Firstly, a presentation about your project, to which you must all contribute. Secondly, you must each keep a group project logbook (or backed up file on your computer) where you record your work, meetings, useful conversations etc (much like a lab book). Finally, you must also write a report of your contribution to your project at the end, which is assessed individually.

When is the assessed presentation?

Thursday PM of 6th week Hilary term in 2021.

What is the time scale of the project?

Date Activity
Start of 0th week Project choices will usually have been made available online
End of 0th week Deadline for submitting your three preferred project choices via BOS. If you do not submit a choice we will assume you have no preference
Early 1st week Students will be informed of project allocations and any existing arrangements to meet industrial supervisors
MT week 1 - Thursday 09:00 BA Project lecture - Audrey Wood room
MT week 2 or 3 'Face to face' meetings with Industrial Mentors: likely on Zoom! You should also arrange to see your Academic Supervisor some time this week and regularly thereafter (approx every two weeks)
MT week 2-7 Email or other weekly contact with Industrial Mentor
MT week 8 Friday Students must prepare a short progress report (one side of an A4 sheet) outlining the plan for the project. This must be submitted directly to your College tutors
HT week 1-4 Continue group work and regular interactions with both supervisors
HT week 4 (Thursday) Project presentations and group assessment - 6th week in 2021
HT week 5 With your Academic Supervisor you will decide upon an aspect of the project to write up individually
HT week 9 Hand in a draft (as complete as possible) of BA project report to your Academic Supervisor. You and your supervisor must complete and sign the BA Draft Form from the BA Report Guidance document
HT week 10 onwards Comments from Academic Supervisor
TT week 1 12 noon Hand in your report to Examination Schools (full instructions in the BA Report Guidance document)

I can’t get hold of my Industrial Mentor!

Contact your Academic Supervisor for advice.

BA Project prizes

The examiners may award a prize for the best BA project and for the best team presentation.

Any other questions?

In the first instance, please send all questions/comments/feedback to Hannah Glanville (