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Clarendon Laboratory Staff Photograph 1962

Posted: 14 May 2018

Clarendon Lab in 1962 - Are you on this photo? Would you like you share any memories or anecdotes?

Were you here during 1962? Click on the attachment link on the right, to see a full size version of this wonderful photograph, and the lists of names.

You can add your own comments below if you were here during that time, or knew any other people who were here at the time.

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December at the Clarendon

Posted: 11 Dec 2014

An update from the Alumni Office

The month of December sees the Michaelmas term ending, and the fast approaching of winter with shorter, darker, colder days...
Lots of activity at the Clarendon, as usual, with some exciting news we'd like to share:

The Department will lead a consortium that will aim to deliver quantum technologies including building a small fully-functional and scalable quantum computer.