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We also work with current students, staff, researchers and friends of the Department, aiming and enhancing the experience of being part of one of the largest and most successful Departments of Physics in the world.

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27 January 2021

Student Entrepreneurs

Student Entrepreneurs

By Phillip Tait & Elizabeth Indaco

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26 January 2021

Alumni Blog, your space to share...

A note from Val, Alumni Relations officer

With the current situation, we are unable to meet in person and share news and anecdotes, so we are opening this section for contributions from alumni.

Please send us any news (a new book? your company is hiring and can benefit other alumni or students?) or anecdotes (photos, short stories, questions, and so on).

I intend to act as a link and use this section as a noticeboard for alumni.
Please us it!

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26 January 2021

Spotlight on Penrose Scholarships

Members of the Oxford Physics community will know that ensuring we can offer DPhil Scholarships to recruit the most promising graduate students is an ongoing challenge.

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22 January 2021

Physics at Home

We are getting lots of requests for content and links from parents with children at home.
This short video collates a lot of the information we have available in our website and the wider scientific outreach groups, and we hope it is of help.

(link to video in case you cannot see it in your browser)

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19 December 2020

Happy Holidays!

The Alumni Office wishes a Happy Holiday to you and your loved ones!


(click on the image above to play the video)

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02 December 2020

Are you a musician, or do you have a special interest in the physics of music?

Are you a musician, or do you have a special interest in the physics of music?

In early 2021, we plan to launch an exciting new public engagement program within Physics celebrating the physics of music and music making. This initiative will involve far-reaching interactive educational programming for children as well as physics-themed performances and recordings from well-known artists.

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02 December 2020

Calling all microwave physicists

Calling all microwave physicists: reminiscences required!

Do you, or did you, work on microwave physics in the Clarendon Laboratory?

In collaboration with Oxford’s History of Science Museum and its Marconi archive, a new travelling exhibition celebrating the past, present, and future of microwave physics will open in Spring 2021.

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02 November 2020

We celebrated Bill Hayes' 90th birthday!

We celebrated Bill's birthday on 12th November, 11:30hs GMT.

Prof Ian Shipsey hosted an informal event to celebrate Bill's special day, with the participation of other colleagues and friends.

Visit this virtual greeting card to see the messages sent to Bill!

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29 October 2020

Update from the Alumni Office

Today we sent an email to all our alumni with an update on event registration links, some news and social links.

With an increased activity online, it is really important that our alumni have an email registered so we can get in touch. If you are reading this, it is very likely you are already in our mailing list, but we'd really appreciate you helping us in sending the message to all those not connected.

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15 October 2020

Things to do and watch this week...

Things to do and watch...

InkedAlumniToDoSocial_w 15 Oct 20_LI_0.jpg


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