'The Shed' needs your help

27 February 2013 by Valeria Crowder

We have received an email from 'The Shed' asking for help in sending their message out there, perhaps you'd like to be involved?
Below a copy of their email:

'Dear Shed Supporters,

We are now offering business support to over 20 student entrepreneurs, working alone or in teams on their fledgling ideas. By the end of Trinity Term we will support them to produce a working business plan. Some might go on to implement the plan – others will use the experience to demonstrate their business and innovation skills to recruiters.

Would you like to get involved?

We are hoping to use this space to match up supporters and alumni with student entrepreneurs. This could be for mentoring, networking or maybe even to be a friendly first customer.

Here’s what happening in The Shed at the moment – scroll down to see which ideas and sectors students are working on.

If one of the areas stands out, please reply to this email.

For more information on The Shed, see www.careers.ox.ac.uk/theshed '


(German language) Recruitment service
Online advertisement
Korean restaurant
Computer games shop
T-shirt business
4th Generation Social Network
Training Consultancy
Work experience finder
Smart Cities: Sustainability network
Medical start-up
Personalised gifts
Food co-operative
Water treatment
Soap recycling
Dress making
Antibiotic education tool
Sports app
Community Cafe

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