The show is driven by live demos, and for as many of those as possible they’re hands-on: most are just individual volunteers, but we also get the entire audience acting as a giant beach ball collider! Each demonstration shows a certain concept related to the design or operation of a particle accelerator. You can see how the demonstrations and different parts of the recipe fit together in the table on the right.

The resources here explain how to do the demonstration, the science behind it and its place in the show, and suggest some aspects of their safety which should be taken into account before putting on the show. They include a video overview of the demo, text and images on the web page and a printable ‘cheatsheet’ version. Do let us know what you find most useful, or if you spot any mistakes!

It’s very important if you do want to put on your own version of the show that it is fully risk-assessed, because your local circumstances and regulations will differ, and may change over time. Get in touch with your local safety office if you need further advice.