Topological Quantum Information Symposium (TQI2012)

All Souls College, Oxford 21-22 September 2012

The Physics Department at Oxford University and All Souls College are pleased to announce a 2-day symposium on Topological Quantum Information, to be held at All Souls College on Sept. 21-22, 2012. This symposium follows a tradition of short conferences on this subject hosted in a variety of locations across Western Europe, which have served to bring together expert audiences of (primarily) European researchers working in the fields of topological phases and topological quantum information to share and discuss recent exciting developments in the field.

The symposium will consist of four invited plenary talks, which will give a more general introduction to a particular aspect of this rapidly growing field, and approximately 10 contributed seminar-style talks. If you are interested in giving a contributed talk, please submit an abstract when registering. (Please understand, however, that due to limited time we may not be able to accept all contributed abstracts.)

Plenary Speakers

Laurens Molenkamp (Wuerzberg University)
Kirill Shtengel (U. C. Riverside)
Ari Turner (University of Amsterdam)
Hongqi Xu (Lund University)