Student information

Information for Students

Developments at the Clarendon site

As you may have seen from elsewhere on these project pages, the development of the Beecroft Building on the former car-park is now complete and the building is open.

There are a number of areas where there are changes in practicalities for the Clarendon site from last year.


Cycle racks remain available on Keble Road, and on the grassed areas on Sherrington Road and in front of the Robert Hooke Building, as on the map. Secure cycle parking is available between the Beecroft and the Lindemann Buildings (card access only)

Please do not attach bicycles to railings or fences around the site or near entrances – cycles in these areas may be removed without warning.

Clarendon Reception and Tutor Pigeonholes

The pigeonholes have been relocated to a room behind the Beecroft Reception, accessed from the Lindemann Building.

Access for Lectures

For lectures in the Martin Wood lecture theatre and the Lindemann lecture theatre, please arrive and leave through the Martin Wood doors. The Martin Wood doors continue to be on the same swipecard access as before.

Practicals and the Denys Wilkinson Building

Practical labs and access to the DWB are unaffected by the development, and unchanged from last year.

Teaching office

The teaching office has relocated to a new site on the ground floor of the Lindemann Building. Please follow the signs to room 001.

Road and Site Safety

The development site will continue to have a lot of heavy plant and equipment across the whole of the coming academic year and beyond with further developments to the science area. The second stage of building for Biochemistry is due to begin imminently and more information will be provided shortly.