A collection of resources related to career progression and career advancement

Fellowship Mock Interviews

Those applying for fellowships to be held in the dept should have mock interviews arranged by the Research Facilitators as a matter of routine. If the fellowships are to be held elsewhere, the supervisors could be asked to help with mock interviews, but on a best effort basis.

Staff Development Discussions

The Department holds staff development discussion (SDDs) for all members of staff. The paperwork is customised for three different staff categories: Academic and effective academics, research staff and support staff. The SDD is not an appraisal or a performance evaluation. If you do not wish your supervisor to carry out your SDD, you can request for it to be held with your mentor or another member of academic staff (contact your sub-dept administrator). A description of the SDD process (as explained at Research Forum) is available here.

The University Careers Service

The Careers Service is located at 56 Banbury Road (Tel: 74646, e-mail: reception at careers ox ac uk. The Careers Service offers free, impartial and objective advice to assist Research Staff in making well-informed decisions about their career. They offer: Careers Advisers who work specifically with Research Staff; one-to-one confidential careers guidance; feedback on CVs and applications and help with interview preparation; career management workshops and seminars specifically designed for Research Staff and careers information at the Careers Service and on our website, with pages for Research Staff.

Positive steps in career development come from meeting others and learning. Invest in your career now by:
• Booking a place on one of the bespoke skills workshops and seminars (
• Browse our resource room at 56 Banbury Road,
• Attending Careers Fairs or read employer profiles in booklets One of our biggest is the Science, Engineering and Technology Fair held every Michaelmas term (download the 2016 booklet)
• Look out for Careers Development sessions run by MPLS divisional training, plus speaker events in your department / post-doc network.

For one-to-one appointment please book through CareerConnect or email/ phone or 01865 274646.

DPhil students – don’t miss opportunities to extend your skills, networks and understanding of different work settings through our termly student consultancy or micro-internships (2-5 days in week 9), summer internships
Any queries about Careers Service workshops/events please email or visit

The Learning Institute

The Oxford Learning Institute (OLI) The Oxford Learning Institute offers courses to staff in learning and teaching, leadership and management, and personal development . Dr Laura Hodsdon is Researcher Development Officer based at the Oxford Learning Institute, where her role is to support research staff across the University. Work so far has included, for example, setting up a subscriber mailing list for research staff to find out about funding, training, and other events and initiatives relevant to them; setting up a new research staff webpage; running a conference for research staff; and establishing a research staff society. Contact details: Tel: 86808, or e-mail: services at learning ox ac uk.

Oxford Research Staff Society

The University of Oxford Research Staff Society (OxRSS) is a collective voice for researchers employed by the University of Oxford. They also organise social and professional networking activities across departments and divisions. You can sign up to the research staff e-mail list to receive details of events and available support by sending a blank e-mail to researchstaff-subscribe at maillist ox ac uk

Senior Knowledge Exchange Officer

Phillip Tait is the Senior Knowledge Exchange Officer for the Department of Physics. He can provide links with industrial firms and companies on any aspect related to enterprise. If you would like to discuss any ideas you have to work with companies on your research or to commercialise technology you’re developing, please get in touch with him.