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Subir Sarkar

Head, Particle Theory Group

I was educated in India, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and obtained my PhD (1982) at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, where I was a staff member 1979-84. Subsequently I held visiting positions at CERN Geneva, Oxford Astrophysics, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and also worked in science education at Eklavya, Bhopal. Since 1990 I have been at Oxford - first as Glasstone Research Fellow, then PPARC Advanced Fellow, appointed University Lecturer (1998) and Professor (2006). I am an Associate of the Discovery Centre and Affiliated Professor in the Astroparticle Physics Group of the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen where I held a Niels Bohr Professorship during 2013-18.

My research interests are at the interface between fundamental physics and astrophysics & cosmology - specifically theoretical aspects of dark matter, inflation and large-scale structure formation, the cosmology of neutrinos and other relic particles, primordial nucleosynthesis, cosmic microwave background et cetera. I work on high energy cosmic rays, neutrinos and gamma-rays and participate in the experiments Pierre Auger Observatory (ended), IceCube Neutrino Observatory and the (forthcoming) Cherenkov Telescope Array. Previously I worked with the BEBC WA66 Beam Dump collaboration at CERN. I am now participating in experiments using high powered lasers to investigate astrophysical processes (e.g. cosmic ray acceleration) and fundamental physics.

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Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Cosmic Rays, Gamma-rays & Neutrinos
Cosmological Phase Transitions
Dark Matter
Inflation, Large-Scale Structure & Dark Energy
Weak Interactions & Neutrinos

BEBC WA66 Beam Dump (1985-92)
Pierre Auger Observatory (2003-13)
IceCube (2004-)
Cherenkov Telescope Array (2010-)
Deep Space (2016-)
Experiments using high powered lasers (2016-)

Theoretical Studies of Elementary Particles 2017-20 (PI)
Particle acceleration in magnetised shocks 2016-19 (Co-I)
Parton Distributions with Electroweak corrections 2015-18 (Co-I)
Theoretical Particle Physics Research 2014-17 (PI)
Theoretical Particle Physics Research 2011-14 (PI)
Theoretical Particle Physics Research 2008-11 (Co-I)
UHE cosmic ray research with the Pierre Auger Observatory 2008-11 (PI)
Cosmic Ray & Neutrino Probes of the High Energy Universe 2006-09 (PI)

UK Neutrino Network 2004-
UK Cosmology Meetings 1991-
EU FP5 Marie Curie RTN: Supersymmetry & the Early Universe, Coordinator 1998-02
EU FP6 Marie Curie RTN: Quest for Unification 2004-08
European Network of Theoretical Astroparticle Physics 2004-09
EU FP6 Marie Curie RTN: UniverseNet: The Origin of Our Universe, Coordinator 2006-10
EU FP7 Marie Curie ITN: Unification in the LHC Era 2009-13
Models of Gravity 2013-
Oxford-India links in Theoretical Physical Sciences (2006-12)
UKIERI network: Neutrinos & the Fundamental Laws of Nature (2007-10)
UKIERI network: Theoretical Physics Sciences (2008-11)

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Undergraduate Course:
Special Relativity (until 2002)

Graduate Course:
Astroparticle Physics (2011-)

Organisation of Seminars:
Theoretical Particle Physics Seminar
Dalitz Seminar in Fundamental Physics

Graduate Students:
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Kevin Benson, 1991-93 [Morgan Stanley?, New York]
Jenni Adams, 1992-95 [Assoc. Prof., Univ. of Canterbury, Christ Church]
Sebastian Larsson, 1993-98 [IT industry, Reading]
Michael Birkel, 1994-97 Zenon Investments GmbH, Gräfelfing]
Fermin Viniegra, 1997-2001 [Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin]
Mario Santos, 1999-2002 [Professor, Univ. of Western Cape, SA ]
David Skinner, 1999-2003 [Lecturer, DAMTP Cambridge]
Paul Hunt, 2000-06 [RA, Ludwig-Maxmillians University, Munich]
Andrew M Taylor, 2003-06 [Scientist, DESY, Zeuthen]
Shaun Hotchkiss, 2006-10 [Research Fellow, Univ. of Auckland]
Philipp Mertsch, 2007-10 [Asst Prof, RWTH, Aachen]
Seshadri Nadathur, 2007-11 [Marie Curie Fellow, Univ. of Portsmouth]
Felix Kahlhoefer, 2011-14 [Emmy Noether Fellow, RWTH, Aachen]
Kyle Allison, 2010-14 (with G Ross) [IT industry, Cambridge]
Jim Talbert, 2012-16 (with G Bell) [Fellow, DESY Theory Group, Hamburg]
David Kraljic, 2012-16 [Researcher, Robotics Lab., Univ. of Ljubljana]
Jeppe Trøst Nielsen (NBI), 2013-17
Amel Durakovic (NBI), 2013-18


Rudin Petrossian-Byrne, 2017-
Konstantin Beyer, 2017-
Giacomo Marocco, 2018-

George Marx Memorial Lecturer, 2003
STFC Senior Fellowship, 2006-09
IUPAP-TIFR Homi Bhabha Medal and Prize, 2017

Steering Committee, European Centre for Astroparticle Theory (2019-)
Scientific Council, International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific, Beijing (2019-)
Advisory Panel, Institute of Physics, Universiteit Van Amsterdam (2016-)
IUPAP WG10: AstroParticle Physics International Committee (APPIC) (2014-)
Gruber Cosmology Prize: Advisory Board (2014-); 2019 Prize Award video
KM3NeT: Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (2013-)
Helmholtz Alliance for Astroparticle Physics: Advisory Board (2012-17)
Sant Cugat Forum on Astrophysics: International Advisory Committee (2012-)
ASPERA: Science Advisory Committee (2007-12)
ASTRONET: Science Vision, Panel A (2006-08)
Particle Data Group: Astrophysics & Cosmology Section (2001-)

Editorial Board:
SciPost Physics (2017-)
Pramana: Journal of Physics (2013-)
European Journal of Physics C - Particles & Fields (2012-15)

Organisation of Conferences, Schools & Workshops:

Main Organiser
Workshop on Self-interacting Dark Matter, Copenhagen, 31 Jul-4 Aug 2017
Neutrinos Underground & in the Heavens II, Copenhagen, 1-5 Aug 2016
NBIA-Oxford Colloquium, Copenhagen, 13-15 Apr 2015
Neutrinos Underground & in the Heavens, Copenhagen, 23-27 Jun 2014
New paths to particle dark matter, Oxford, 29-30 Mar 2012
GrahamFest, Oxford, 29-30 Sep 2012
2nd APCTP-NBIA Workshop, Copenhagen, 18-22 Aug 2012
Probing physics beyond the Standard Model with CTA, Abingdon, 12 Nov 2010
4th UniverseNet School on Particle Cosmology, Lecce, 13-18 Sep 2010
3rd UniverseNet School on Particle Cosmology, Barcelona, 28 Sep-2 Oct 2009
2ndUniverseNet School on Particle Cosmology, Oxford, 22-27 Sep 2008
Astroparticle Theory Discussion Workshop, Oxford, 17 Mar 2008
1st UniverseNet School on Particle Cosmology, Mytilene, 24-29 Sep 2007
UK Neutrino Network Meeting, Oxford, 29 November 2006
Dalitz Memorial Meeting, Oxford, 3 Jun 2006
IceCube Collaboration Workshop, Oxford, 21-24 Sep 2005
Supersymmetry and the Early Universe, Oxford, 26-29 Sep 2002

Organising Committee
36th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Madison, 24 Jul-1 Aug 2019
Workshop on the Standard Model & Beyond, Corfu, 1-9 Sep 2018
BUSSTEP, Oxford, 20-31 Aug 2018
Current themes in high energy physics & cosmology, Copenhagen, 13-17 Aug 2018
Rudolf Peierls Symposium, Oxford, 5-6 July 2018
17th Corfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 2-28 Sep 2017
Nordic Winter School on Cosmology & Particle Physics, 2-7 Jan 2017
16th Corfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 31 Aug-23 Sep 2016
IceCube Fall Collaboration Meeting, Copenhagen, 10-18 Oct 2015
15thCorfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 1-27 Sep 2015
Dark Matter@LHC, Oxford, 25-27 Sep 2014
The Standard Model & Beyond, Corfu, 3-14 Sep 2014
Workshop on Cosmology & Astroparticle Physics, Copenhagen, 18-22 Aug 2014
1st APCTP-NBIA workshop, Pohang, 21-25 Oct 2013
13th Corfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 31 Aug-27 Sep 2013
Danish National Astronomy Meeting, Sandbjerg, 18-19 Jun 2013
TeV Particle Astrophysics, Mumbai, 10-14 Dec 2012
12th Corfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 8-27 Sep 2012
XII Workshop on HEP Phenomenology, Mahabaleshwar, 2-8 Jan 2012
11th Corfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 4-18 Sep 2012
Dark Matter Underground and in the Heavens, Geneva, 18-29 Jul 2011
Looking at the Neutrino Sky, Trieste, 20-24 Jun 2011
Cherenkov Telescope Array Meeting, Rutherford Lab, 8-11 Nov 2010
Cosmic Rays for Particle and Astroparticle Physics, Como, 7-8 Oct 2010
10th Corfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 29 Aug-5 Sep 2010
9th Corfu Summer Institute, Corfu, 30 Aug-20 Sep 2010
Neutrino & Non-accelerator Physics,
Birmingham, 15 July 2009

Cosmology with the CMB & LSS, Pune, 18--31 Aug 2008
Astroparticle Physics UK, Oxford, 18-20 Jun 2008
The Search for Dark Matter, London, 26 Nov 2007
SUSY'05, Durham, 18-23 Jul 2005
From Fields to Strings, Oxford, 8-10 Jan 2004
The World according to WMAP, Abingdon, 7-8 Jun 2003
String/M-theory Phenomenology, Oxford, 6-11 Jul 2002
Phenomenology of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays, Durham, 21 June 2002
EU Network School: The Early Universe, CERN, 19-22 Apr 2001
New Horizons in Neutrino Physics, Abingdon, 8-9 May 1999
SUSY 98, Oxford, 11-17 Jul 1998
28th International Conference on High Energy Physics, Warsaw, 25-31 Jul 1996
Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, Brussels, 28 Jul-3 Aug 1995
UK HEP Forum: Cosmology after COBE, Abingdon, 20-21 Jun 1992
UK Institute for Theoretical High Energy Physics, Cambridge, 1-7 Sep 1991

Advisory Committee
TeVPA 2018, Berlin, 27-31 Aug 2018
International Neutrino Summer School, Mainz, 21 May-1 Jun 2018
TeVPA 2017, Columbus, 7-11 Aug 2017
International Neutrino Summer School, Fermilab, 7-18 Aug 2017
DISCRETE 2016, Warsaw, 28 Nov-3 Dec 2016
Winter School on AstroParticle Physics, Ootacamund, 21-29 Dec 2016
TeVPA 2016, Geneva, 12-16 Sep 2016
IAU 324: New Frontiers in Black Hole Astrophysics, Ljubljana, 12-16 Sep 2016
Workshop on Non-Standard Dark Matter, Warsaw, 2-5 Jun 2016
PhyStat-nu, Tokyo, 30 May-1 Jun 2016
TeVPA 2015, Tokyo, 26-30 Oct 2015
Advances in Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, Kolkata,12-17 Oct 2015
VLVnT-2015: Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescopes, Rome, 14-16 Sep 2015
Cosmo Cruise 2015, 2-9 Sep 2015
TeVPA 2014, Amsterdam, 23-28 Jun 2014
TeVPA 2013}, Irvine, 26-29 Aug 2013
International Conference on Cosmic Rays, Rio de Janeiro, 2-9 Jul 2013
TeVPA 2012, Mumbai, 11-15 Dec 2012
Darkattack2012, Ascona, 15-20 Jul 2012
ICHEP: 36th Intern. Conf. on High Energy Physics, Melbourne, 4-11 Jul, 2012
Modern Perspectives on Cosmology & Gravitation, Kolkata, 7--11 Feb 2012
WHEPP12: Workshop on HEP Phenomenology, Mahabaleshwar, 2-15 Jan 2012
VLVnT11: Very Large Volume Neutrinos Telescopes, Erlangen, 12-14 Oct 2011
Lepton-Photon Conference, Mumbai, 22-27 Aug 2011
TAUP 2011, Munich, 5-9 Sep 2011
Primordial Features and Non-Gaussianities, Allahabad, 14-18 Dec 2010
DISCRETE'10, Rome, 6-11 Dec 2010
Dark Matter in Astrophysics & Particle Physics, Cambridge, 2-6 Aug 2010
Radiation Matter Interac. Under Extreme Conditions, Varanasi, 19-20 Dec 2008
DISCRETE'08, Valencia, 11-16 Dec 2008
ICGC'07, Pune, 17-21 Dec 2007
WIN'07, Kolkata, 15-20 Jan 2007
WIN'05, Delphi, 6-11 Jun 2005
3rd Intern. workshop on Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays, Leeds, 22-24 Jul 2004
Quantum gravity phenomenology, Ladek Zdroj, 4-14 Feb 2004
COSMO-03, Ambleside, 24-30 Aug 2003
WIN'02, Canterbury, 21-26 Jan 2002
COSMO-01, Rovaniemi, 30 Aug-4 Sep 2001
Beyond the Desert, Castle Ringberg, 6-12 June 1999
Trends in Astroparticle Physics, Stockholm, 22-25 Sep 1994