Our research spans the whole of Astrophysics. We have large groups working on cosmology, galaxies & black holes ,through to stars & planets. We address these research areas with a combination of theoretical, simulation and observational work. Details of this research can be found in the research themes below.

We also lead or play significant roles in many of the new telescopes that will come online in the next 10 years, both from a technical perspective through our instrumentation group and with our work developing techniques.
This is underlined with the recently established Oxford Centre for Astrophysical Surveys, funded through a generous donation from the Hintze Family Charitable Foundation

The department is also home to, the largest and most successful platform for citizen science projects on the web and also leads the Global Jet Watch programme.

We are committed to equality for all our employees and our students. Our goal is to be as diverse as the community around us and for everyone in the department to value that diversity. We are on a programme of continuous improvement to help us achieve that aim.

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Research themes


We lead observational and theoretical work to determine what the dark matter is, what is the dark energy, why they behave the way they do and how did the Universe start off this way.

Group Leaders

Galaxies & Black Holes

Studying the formation and evolution of galaxies is one of the largest research areas in Oxford. This research is carried out using both observations across all wavelengths coupled with cutting-edge N-body and hydrodynamic simulations.

Group Leaders


We design and build state-of-the-art instruments for a wide range of ground based observatories.

Group Leaders

Stars & Planets

Group Leaders

Accretion & Jet Physics

Astrophysical Fluids


Raymond Pierrehumbert, Suzanne Aigrain, Patrick Irwin, Caroline Terquem, Niranjan Thatte, Peter Read, Vivien Parmentier

Pulsars & Compact Objects

Aris Karastergiou, Rob Fender

Stellar Structure & Evolution

Philipp Podsiadlowski, Tony Lynas-Gray


We are involved in many of the largest telescope projects in the world, leading the scientific exploitation as well as building cutting-edge instrumentation

Group Leaders

C-Band All Sky Survey

Angela Taylor, Michael Jones

Cherenkov Telescope Array

Garret Cotter



Lance Miller, Matt Jarvis

Experimental Radio Cosmology






Other research groups

Other groups in Astrophysics

Four Pi Sky

Rob Fender

Plasma Theory

Steven Balbus, Michael Barnes, Tony Bell, James Binney, Garret Cotter, Paul Dellar, Julien Devriendt, Gianluca Gregori, Peter Norreys, Felix Parra Diaz, Philipp Podsiadlowski, Steven Rose, Subir Sarkar, Alexander Schekochihin, Adrianne Slyz, Caroline Terquem