PAT Past Papers and Reports

Past test papers and reports on test outcomes are posted on this site as they become available. Past papers dated before May 2006 are based on an earlier syllabus and are not relevant to the current entrance test.

Past papers and sample papers dated from May 2006 but before May 2008 involve two separate papers: one for Physics, one for Maths. Calculators were permitted in the physics test but not the maths test. These papers can therefore provide general guidance on the likely content of future papers, but retain the old format and can include quite complicated numerical computations on the physics papers.

In 2015, multiple choice questions have been eliminated. Long physics problems worth 20 marks have also been eliminated in favour of shorter questions worth less than 10 marks each.

All files are in pdf format.

Please note that we do not provide sample answers or a mark scheme for these papers.