Fees and Funding

The costs of study at Oxford fall into three principal categories: university fees, college fees, and living and other expenses. The level of fee charged depends on whether the student is from the British Isles or the rest of the European Union ('home and EU' students) or from outside the European Union ('overseas' students).
Specific information may be found on the University Fees and Funding site.

All offers to study at Oxford are conditional on funding for both fees and living costs being obtained. Information on possible sources of funding is required on the application form, but you do not need to have a definite offer of funding before applying.

Sources of Funding

Note that many scholarships have early closing dates and that you should apply by an appropriate deadline as given in the information for each scholarship: usually you must apply on or before the January deadline.

Each Physics sub-department offers a small number of Studentship Awards associated with a particular Research Council. If you are a UK citizen or a citizen of the European Union and have been resident in the UK for more than three years, you may qualify for a Studentship, which pays both fees and a maintenance allowance.

EU citizens who are not UK residents may still be eligible for a Studentship Award of fees only. In this case you must consider possible sources of funding for living costs and apply for scholarships if necessary.

In order to be considered for a Research Council Studentship you do not need to complete a separate application, you need only enter the name of the appropriate Research Council on the Funding Sources section of your DPhil application form. For more information on specific Research Councils please see the relevant sub-department website or visit the Oxford Graduate Studies Prospectus.

International Students

There are a number of scholarships available at Oxford for applicants from both within Europe and worldwide, with information available on the University Fees and Funding site. We draw your attention in particular to the scholarships listed here and suggest also investigating the various College Scholarships available.

For other sources of funding, studentships and scholarships provided in your home country are often a good possibility.

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