Application Procedure

Common features of the admissions procedure for Oxford Physics are listed below, however please ensure you check the website of the relevant sub-department for any specific conditions.

Application Form
All applications should be made using the central University form available online on the University Admissions site

Application Deadlines
The application deadlines for admission in October 2012 are:
18th November 2011
20th January 2012
9th March 2012

All students wishing to be considered for Studentships and Scholarships should apply by the second deadline of 20th January 2012. Sub-departments may choose not to consider applications received after this date.

Applying to Multiple Sub-departments
Candidates wishing to be considered by more than one physics sub-department (or more than one group within a sub-department) should:

  • only fill in ONE form and pay only ONE application fee.
  • in the form give the course code for the sub-department which most closely reflects their research interest.
  • give under section "Proposed Field and Title of Research Project", the sub-departments for which the applicant wants to be considered.
  • email the relevant sub-departments to inform them they wish to be considered for more than one program.

Required Documentation
The standard set of materials you should send with your application to a research course comprises:

* A research proposal,
* CV/résumé,
* Three (3) academic references, and
* Official transcripts detailing your university-level qualifications and marks to date.

However, applicants to the DPhil at Physics do not need to provide a detailed research proposal; you should only give a brief indication of the area in which you wish to carry out research and what has led you to this decision. This may be quite specific, but need not be if you have not yet decided on your preferred topic or area.

International Students
International students should ensure they are aware of any English language test or specific visa requirements. For University requirements and further information visit the following websites:
Guidance for International Students
Visa and Immigration Information