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Opto-mechanical designs for the HARMONI adaptive optics systems

Proceedings of SPIE SPIE 10703 (2018)

K Dohlen, TJ Morris, J Piqueras Lopez, A Calcines-Rosario, A Costille, M Dubbeldam, K El Hadi, T Fusco, M Llored, B Neichel, S Pascal, J-F Sauvage, P Vola, F Clarke, H Schnetler, I Bryson, N Thatte

HARMONI is a visible and near-infrared integral field spectrograph equipped with two complementary adaptive optics systems, fully integrated within the instrument. A Single Conjugate AO (SCAO) system offers high performance for a limited sky coverage and a Laser Tomographic AO (LTAO) system provides AO correction with a very high sky-coverage. While the deformable mirror performing real-time correction of the atmospheric disturbances is located within the telescope itself, the instrument contains a suite of state-of-the-art and innovative wavefront sensor systems. Laser guide star sensors (LGSS) are located at the entrance of the instrument and fed by a dichroic beam splitter, while the various natural guide star sensors for LTAO and SCAO are located close to the science focal plane. We present opto-mechanical architecture and design at PDR level for these wavefront sensor systems.

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