Publications associated with Ultrafast quantum optics and optical metrology

Chip-based array of near-identical, pure, heralded single-photon sources

Optica Optical Society of America 4 (2017) 90-96

JB Spring, PL Mennea, BJ Metcalf, PC Humphreys, JC Gates, HL Rogers, C Söller, BJ Smith, WS Kolthammer, PGR Smith, IA Walmsley

Interference between independent single photons is perhaps the most fundamental interaction in quantum optics. It has become increasingly important as a tool for optical quantum information science, as one of the rudimentary quantum operations, together with photon detection, for generating entanglement between non-interacting particles. Despite this, demonstrations of large-scale photonic networks involving more than two independent sources of quantum light have been limited due to the difficulty in constructing large arrays of high-quality, single-photon sources. Here, we solve the key challenge, reporting on a novel array of five near-identical, low-loss, high-purity, heralded single-photon sources using spontaneous four-wave mixing on a silica chip. We verify source quality through a series of heralded Hong–Ou–Mandel (HOM) experiments, and further report the experimental three-photon extension of the HOM interference effect, which maps out for the first time, to our knowledge, the interference landscape between three independent single-photon sources.

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