Publications associated with Ultrafast quantum optics and optical metrology

Nonclassical light manipulation in a multiple-scattering medium.

Optics letters 39 (2014) 6090-6093

H Defienne, M Barbieri, B Chalopin, B Chatel, IA Walmsley, BJ Smith, S Gigan

We investigate the possibility of using a scattering medium as a highly multimode platform for implementing quantum walks. We demonstrate the manipulation of a single photon propagating through a strongly scattering medium using wavefront-shaping technique. Measurement of the scattering matrix allows the wavefront of the photon to be shaped to compensate the distortions induced by multiple scattering events. The photon can thus be directed coherently to a specific output mode. Using this approach, we show how entanglement of a single photon across different modes can be manipulated despite the enormous wavefront disturbance caused by the scattering medium.

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