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Spatial and kinematic segregation in star-cluster merger remnants

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 466 (2017) 2895-2909

DR Cole, VP Debattista, AL Varri, M Adam, AC Seth

© 2016 The Authors. Globular clusters that exhibit chemical and dynamical complexity have been suggested to be the stripped nuclei of dwarf galaxies(e.g.M54, ω Cen).We use N-body simulations of nuclear star clusters forming via the mergers of star clusters to explore the persistence of substructure in the phase space. We find that the observed level of differentiation is difficult to reconcile with the observed if nuclear clusters form wholly out of the mergers of star clusters. Only the star clusters that merged most recently retain sufficiently distinct density and kinematics to be distinguishable from the rest of the nuclear cluster. In situ star formation must therefore be included to explain the observed properties of nuclear star clusters, in good agreement with previous results.

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