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Cavity Induced Interfacing of Atoms and Light

in Engineering the Atom-Photon Interaction: Controlling Fundamental Processes with Photons, Atoms and Solids, Springer (2015) 1
Part of a series from Nano Optics and Nano Photonics

A Kuhn

This chapter introduces cavity-based light-matter quantum interfaces, with a single atom or ion in strong coupling to a high-finesse optical cavity. We discuss the deterministic generation of indistinguishable single photons from these systems; the atom-photon entanglement intractably linked to this process; and the information encoding using spatio-temporal modes within these photons. Furthermore, we show how to establish a time-reversal of the aforementioned emission process to use a coupled atom-cavity system as a quantum memory. Along the line, we also discuss the performance and characterisation of cavity photons in elementary linear-optics arrangements with single beam splitters for quantum-homodyne measurements.

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