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Antineutrino charged-current reactions on hydrocarbon with low momentum transfer

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 120 (2018)

R Gran, H da Motta, Dytman, GA Díaz, J Felix, WA Mann, CM Marshall, KS McFarland, AM McGowan, B Messerly, J Miller, A Mislivec, JG Morfín, J Mousseau, D Naples, JK Nelson, C Nguyen, A Norrick, Nuruzzaman, D Rimal, D Ruterbories, H Schellman, CJS Solano Salinas, J Wolcott, M Wospakrik

We report on multinucleon effects in low momentum transfer (≺0.8  GeV/c) antineutrino interactions on plastic (CH) scintillator. These data are from the 2010–2011 antineutrino phase of the MINERvA experiment at Fermilab. The hadronic energy spectrum of this inclusive sample is well described when a screening effect at a low energy transfer and a two-nucleon knockout process are added to a relativistic Fermi gas model of quasielastic, Δ resonance, and higher resonance processes. In this analysis, model elements introduced to describe previously published neutrino results have quantitatively similar benefits for this antineutrino sample. We present the results as a double-differential cross section to accelerate the investigation of alternate models for antineutrino scattering off nuclei.

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