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Effect of magnetic interactions and multiple magnetic phases on the giant magnetoresistance of heterogeneous cobalt-silver thin films

Physical Review B 49 (1994) 1064-1072

JF Gregg, SM Thompson, SJ Dawson, K Ounadjela, CR Staddon, J Hamman, C Fermon, G Saux, K O'Grady

We have observed magnetic and electrical transport properties in giant magnetoresistive inhomogeneous cobalt-silver films. The material consists of two distinct magnetic phases: large clusters which dominate the magnetization and magnetoresistive processes at room temperature, between which cooperative behavior is observed; and small clusters which dominate the magnetization below 10 K, but make only a minor contribution to the magnetoresistance. Both the variation of the magnetoresistance with magnetization in the film and the difference in the magnetoresistance between the zero-field-cooled and field-cycled state are interpreted by invoking interactions between the active magnetic regions in the sample. © 1994 The American Physical Society.

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