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Evidence for a high T-c magnetic amorphous polymorph obtained by swift heavy ion irradiation

NUCL INSTRUM METH B 146 (1998) 260-264

M Ghidini, JP Nozieres, F Bolzoni, G Suran, JF Gregg, B Gervais

The intermetallic compound CeCo3 has been irradiated at GANIL by 1 GeV Pb-208 ion beams. The irradiated samples are found to be strongly amorphised. A track diameter of 8 nm is found. The magnetic properties of the irradiation induced CeCo3 amorphous phase have been studied in detail and found substantially different with respect to those of amorphous CeCo3 obtained by conventional methods. In particular, an increase of about 200 K in the Curie temperature is observed, suggesting that a different type of chemical short range order might have been stabilized by irradiation. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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