Self-assembled structures and devices

Group Leaders:
RP Goodman et al., Science 310, 1661-65 (2005)

We work with synthetic biomolecular nanostructures built by self-assembly from DNA and RNA. Nucleic acid nanostructures are atomically precise and dynamically reconfigurable: with these components we have the opportunity to assemble autonomous molecular systems that sense, compute and actuate. We are developing the physics and technology of functional nucleic acid nanostructures to create disruptive technologies for the physical sciences and manufacture, including templates for molecular electronics and molecular machinery for atomically precise manufacture and chemical discovery. We are also working on probes of cellular structure and function including autonomous nanosystems that combine local diagnosis and therapy with single-cell resolution, that is, theranostic tools to underpin advances in 21st century medicine.

The Self-assembled Structures and devices group is based in the Clarendon Laboratory at the University of Oxford and is part of Oxford Biological Physics.
More details on this can be found on our research page

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