Publications associated with Quantum Optoelectronics

Optical fabrication and characterisation of SU-8 disk photonic waveguide heterostructure cavities.

Optics express 25 (2017) 24615-24622

LP Nuttall, FSF Brossard, SA Lennon, BPL Reid, J Wu, J Griffiths, RA Taylor

In order to demonstrate cavity quantum electrodynamics using photonic crystal (PhC) cavities fabricated around self-assembled quantum dots (QDs), reliable spectral and spatial overlap between the cavity mode and the quantum dot is required. We present a method for using photoresist to optically fabricate heterostructure cavities in a PhC waveguide with a combined photolithography and micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy system. The system can identify single QDs with a spatial precision of ±25 nm, and we confirm the creation of high quality factor cavity modes deterministically placed with the same spatial precision. This method offers a promising route towards bright, on-chip single photon sources for quantum information applications.

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