Publications associated with Quantum Optics of Quantum Many-Body Systems

Influence of the fermionic exchange symmetry beyond Pauli's exclusion principle

Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics American Physical Society 95 (2017) 022336-

F Tennie, V Vedral, C Schilling

Pauli's exclusion principle has a strong impact on the properties of most fermionic quantum systems. Remarkably, the fermionic exchange symmetry implies further constraints on the one-particle picture. By exploiting those generalized Pauli constraints, we derive a measure which quantifies the influence of the exchange symmetry beyond Pauli's exclusion principle. It is based on a geometric hierarchy induced by the exclusion principle constraints. We provide a proof of principle by applying our measure to a simple model. In that way, we conclusively confirm the physical relevance of the generalized Pauli constraints and show that the fermionic exchange symmetry can have an influence on the one-particle picture beyond Pauli's exclusion principle. Our findings provide a perspective on fermionic multipartite correlation since our measure allows one to distinguish between static and dynamic correlations.

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