Fermi surfaces

Fermi surface is an abstract geometrical representation of the all available electronic states in various metals which are responsible for the electrical, thermal and magnetic properties. By knowing the Fermi surface of different materials one could predict their properties and aim to develop materials with desired functionality. In the case of superconducting materials, by understanding the toplogy of the Fermi surface helps to develop the correct theoretical models concerning the pairing symmetry and find the link between the structural and electronic properties.

We have the tools to calculate Fermi surfaces using first principle calculations (Wien2k) in order to be able to compare with our experimental results in high magnetic fields. Our aim is to develop a database of various Fermi surfaces such as iron based superconductors, topological insulators and metallic and magnetic delafossites and their relevant theoretical parameters. Images above represent Fermi surfaces of iron-based superconductors, copper and metallic frustrated magnets.