Angle dependent magnetoresistance (AMRO) is a complementary technique to quantum oscillations which allow to determine the shape of the quasi-one dimensional and two dimensional Fermi surface. The technique is based on semiclassical Boltzmann transport; as a quasiparticle moves across the Fermi surface under the influence of the magnetic field, its component of velocity in a given direction will vary as it negotiates the various
Fermi-surface contours and corrugations its total velocity remaining perpendicular to the Fermi surface at all times. Considering an entire Fermi surface filled with orbiting quasiparticles the combination of these varying velocity components leads to a conductivity that depends strongly on the nature of the orbits and the geometry of the Fermi surface.

AMRO in a quasi-two dimensional organic superconductor

For futher details about this technique and how is implemented see P.A. Goddard et al., Phys. Rev. B 69, 174509 (2004)..