Spin systems

Spinformation technology: the quantum mechanical nature of electronic spins and spin excitations is being used to store, transport and manipulate information.

An experimental dynamic magnonic crystal system developed in part by the Oxford Spin Electronics Group. This artificial crystal can be used as an all-linear time-reversal device for pulsed signals. See A. V. Chumak et al. Nature Communications, 1, 141 (2010).

Spintronics utilises the intrinsic spin of electrons to create state of the art solid state devices that out-perform, or provide services not offered by, traditional technologies based on the electronic charge. The quantum phenomena of superposition and entanglement are also exploited to develop a new type of quantum logic that has the potential to revolutionise computational processes as we know them.

The Quantum Spin Dynamics Group have shown that molecular magnets, grown in Manchester University, have the potential to be used as qubits in spin-based quantum computers. See Ardavan et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 052701, (2009).

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