Outreach Resources


Superconductors 101

This guide introduces the physics of superconductors, how to use superconductors in demonstrations, and what's going on.

Iron selenide

A few of our demonstrations are based around the crystal structure of iron selenide, which is a superconductor we work on. You can find more information about this amazing material in this document.

Quantum Materials Colouring Book

The first ever Quantum Materials Colouring Book has been created an printed courtesy of yours truly. This introduction to quantum materials will appeal to children of all ages - and adults who want some creative explorations too!
You can download a copy for free here, or come and pick one up at one of our events!

Quantum Materials Colouring Worksheets

Our popular colouring book is now also available as a set of individual worksheets. Pick out and print the ones you like! You can download the full set here.