Scipy John Hunter excellence in plotting contest 2019 - Winner!

A 7-day weather forecasts is now as accurate as a 5-day forecast 20
years ago. However, there is still a widespread public misbelief that
forecasts are not reliable. Traditional meteograms, summarizing the
weather for a certain location throughout the next week, rarely contain
information about the uncertainty of a weather forecast, which may
support the little public confidence in weather forecasting.

Milan Kloewer submitted a solution to this problem to the "Scipy John
Hunter excellence in plotting contest 2019" and won the first prize of
$1000, announcaed at the Scipy 2019 conference in Austin, Texas: An
intuitive way of visualizing the probabilistic information of an
ensemble forecast in the form of a meteogram, which is designed to be
easily understandable for everyone without a statistics background.

The meteogram is open-source and freely available in this repository: